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About The Author

Lonzell Cross is a father who decided it was time to get off the sidelines and start getting involved in the game of education. After reading countless books to his daughter, he decided he could write a better book. 18 months later,“Another Alphabet Book Daddy?” was born. A native of Chicago, Cross is involved in real estate investing, poetry and song writing.


– Written by a father concerned about his children’s education and the overwhelming decline of literacy in youngsters,

“Another Alphabet Book Daddy?”

(ISBN1470195577) is a new children’s book that gives young readers and their parents a fresh perspective on the alphabet and learning how to read. After reading the same stories to his daughter time and time again,

Lonzell Cross

was inspired to pen his own entertaining yet educating read for young minds.

Over the course of

“Another Alphabet Book Daddy?”, Cross

covers all 26 letters of the alphabet through playful, easy-to-read phrases. Young readers will meet Ellen, an electric eel, and Quincy, a quacking quail, as they make their way through the short sentences and colorful illustrations by

LaMar Greer, Jr.

“[Cross] understands how important reading is to the future development of our children. He has written a book that is not only functional, it actually makes learning to read fun,” – Walter Perkins, August 2012, Monthly Newsletter from the Village of University Park.

“I have borne witness to dreams deferred, to dreams defeated, to the way the suffocating realities of life can choke dreams to eternal sleep. And this is what impressed me most about Cross — and Greer — whom I met at a suburban coffee shop. That like so many of us, who at times, may have been down — almost out — or have ever suffered the amnesia of hopes and aspirations: They refuse to stop dreaming.” – Johnathan Fountain, December 2012, Chicago Sun-Times.

“Another Alphabet Book Daddy?”

employs a variety of techniques to help young readers get a better understanding of the alphabet and reading. This title is an ideal tool to initiate parent engagement and enhance the outcome of improved reading. Not only has


created a variety of unique characters to keep readers entertained, but his use of alliteration and rhyme patterns help young children grasp the concepts of language better.

“I wanted to be able to help my daughter expand her vocabulary and teach her the alphabet in an enjoyable way,” says



With the release of

“Another Alphabet Book Daddy?”,


is able to help other parents who are concerned about how their children are learning. Due to the increasing dropout rate among minority students, the author hopes his playful children’s book will become a learning tool used to help literacy in preschool and elementary classrooms during young ones’ reading times everywhere.

Currently, Lonzell Cross is actively engaged in book readings, book signings and public appearances in Illinois and surrounding states. While "Another Alphabet Book Daddy?" has been implemented in nearly 50 schools as reading material and due to overwhelming support many copies of the book has been sold to entertain and educate the future.

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